Elecampane Tincture

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Elecampane Inula helenium

Planet: Mercury
Element: Water
Magical Properties: Honest Love, Chronic communication issues, Seeing situations clearly.

30ml dropper bottle

Elecampane tincture may be used in magical preparations when seeking honesty in love. It may also be used when divining for oneself or when there is an inability to look past emotions and see things as they really are. It can help with chronic communication issues in groups and between the head and heart.

Elecampane may be used as an expectorant, for the movement of fluids in chronic lung conditions. It may be useful as a warming tonic and as a wash for facial neuralgia and sciatica. As a bitter it may be useful for treatment of discomfort from too much sugar consumption.

Do not use if diabetic, or pregnant.

Inula helenium, 45% Grain Alcohol.

I source Organic beeswax from small Australian farmers and grow my own herbs for this blend. Each part of the process is handled in a sacred manner with constant focus on the end purpose of the item. Items are consecrated to purpose.

By purchasing you agree not to misuse the product or hold Belladonna & Bones liable for the misuse of said items.Results are not guaranteed and may vary.

Under Victorian law I must state this item is sold as a Curio only

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