Lucus - Dark Grove Flying Ointment & Divination Balm

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Lay me down in darkness,
let me sink into the earth.
Let me slip between the shadows,
and find what lies beneath.

Lucus [ˈɫuː.kʊs] Dark Grove Flying Ointment and Divination Balm.
A Witch’s triumvirate of Belladonna, Wormwood and Clary Sage await to take the traveler deeper into the underworld. A flying ointment of the shadow realm this balm allows the witch to sink deep into trance and walk the halls below.

Root of Belladonna adds a particular potency to this balm and as such it is recommended for the more experienced traveler. The novice may prefer to begin with our Flower Fae Balm.

This item ships with a free mini-booklet on meditation and journeying.

*Item Size*

Full size Amber glass apothecary jar with Bakelite Lid - 35mm x 35mm (new packaging) and contains 10 grams or 14ml or 1/2 fluid ounce (as best I can translate from metric!)
Wormwood (absinthium),Belladonna Leaf, Belladonna Root, Clary Sage, Beeswax, Rice oils

All herbs for this balm were grown in my own magical garden.

I source Organic beeswax from small Australian farmers. Each part of the process is handled in a sacred manner with constant focus on the end purpose of the item. Items are consecrated to purpose.

~*Please read our Store policies carefully before purchasing.*~

Caution: herbs in this balm have been used to traditionally induce trance they should not be used by those with heart, liver or kidney conditions, if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding, Do not drive or operate machinery after using. Some ingredients may cause photo-sensitivity, and may cause skin to sunburn more easily. I suggest that you do not use on sun exposed skin during daytime ritual.
Do not use if you are allergic to Morphine, or Opiates. Should be avoided by those on psychiatric medications or antidepressants. Do not touch eyes, mouth, nose or genitals with ointment. Wash hands after application. Do not ingest, keep away from children and animals. Results are not guaranteed and may vary. Do not mix with excess amounts of alcohol or other drugs.
By purchasing you agree not to misuse the product or hold Belladonna & Bones liable for the misuse of said items.
Results are not guaranteed and may vary.

Under Victorian law I must state this item is sold as a Curio only

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