Special Edition: Flower Fae - Heart Healing Divination Balm & Faery Sight Ointment

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A glimpse,

A shift,

A shimmer,

an echo of laughter in the morning dew.

The Green fae held court and intoxicated his laughing friends into dancing with him to create this whimsical balm. He asked them each to bless it with a virtue; crabapple gave the blessing of renewal, Rose brought love, Marshmallow sang a song of soothing and Honeysuckle healed the heart. The Green fae gave of himself a journey, that the sincere traveler may join him on.

He asks will you join him?

This edition of Flower Fae comes packaged in handpainted ceramic cloches that I collected while travelling in Vietnam and is sprinkled with Rose quartz to increase its heart vibrations.

When dealing with the Fae one should lay out offerings of honeyed milk or sweet cakes, then prepare oneself to journey forth and seek the wisdom of the Fae.

*Ingredients* Wormwood(absinthium), crabapple blossom, marshmallow blossom, rose blossom, hawthorn berries, Beeswax, Sweet almond Oil.

I source Organic beeswax from small Australian farmers and grow my own herbs or source ethically grown organic herbs for this blend. Each part of the process is handled in a sacred manner with constant focus on the end purpose of the item. Items are consecrated to purpose.

~*Please read our Store policies carefully before purchasing.*~

Caution: herbs in this balm have been used to traditionally induce trance they should not be used by those with heart, liver or kidney conditions, if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding, Do not drive or operate machinery after using. Some ingredients may cause photo-sensitivity, and may cause skin to sunburn more easily. I suggest that you do not use on sun exposed skin during daytime ritual.

Do not use if you are allergic to Morphine, or Opiates. Should be avoided by those on psychiatric medications or antidepressants. Do not touch eyes, mouth, nose or genitals with ointment. Wash hands after application.

Do not ingest, keep away from children and animals. Results are not guaranteed and may vary. Do not mix with excess amounts of alcohol or other drugs. By purchasing you agree not to misuse the product or hold Belladonna & Bones liable for the misuse of said items. Results are not guaranteed and may vary.

Under Etsy policy and Victorian law I must state this item is sold as a Curio only

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