Hello everyone!
You may have seen this very special set teased on facebook or instagram earlier today. Aurificium is the piercing shaft of sunlight through the clouds, it is the light in a lover’s eyes and the magic of laughter. This very special set is a strictly limited edition of 13.
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Aurificium Enchanter’s Trio…

Aureus is an Enchanter’s working set. It is a study in duality as all good magicians are. Darkness and light meet in it’s creation as it was birthed out of the dark of the year but is worked with the power of the sun and enrobed in the light.

Belladonna, Myrrh and Chamomile combine with the silken whisper of a spider’s web to ensnare the senses. The Enchanter may use this balm for flight when one wants to be at one’s most charming when negotiating with spirits on the astral planes, for divination as it will shine a bright light on any situation or when creating charms to enchant, sweeten and entice. The balm is strengthened with 24ct Gold Leaf and a 1+ carat piece of gem quality Citrine.

The Citrine may be taken from the balm and used for a magical piece of enchanting jewelry or left to keep charging the balm.

It is complimented by Aureum; a Tincture of Myrrh and Gold in 96% proof alcohol. Just a few drops in ice water will create a cup of power worthy of your workings. This tincture is also perfect for dressing candles and other items.

The third in this trio is Aurea: a hand blended suffumigation of Myrrh, Chamomile and Belladonna. This bright, heady combination is a compliment to all Aureficium workings.

The included literature includes detailed instructions for use. Each numbered set ships in a Belladonna & Bones signature gift box

$54.95 AUD + Shipping

Set contains;

Aureus Enchanter’s Divination, Flying & Charming Ointment 15ml

Aureum Tincture 4ml

Aureus Suffumigation 5ml

Black Gift Box

Ointment contains Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax.