IMG_20140529_125344**Please Note – this balm is now SOLD OUT*
Belle Rouge is an ecstatic Flying Ointment. Atropa Belladonna and Amanita Muscaria Dance together, their motions fueled by Root of Mandrake and made lithe by Wormwood (absinthium), celery seed spices up the rhythm of their dance until they come together in this potent blend.

This ointment is for the experience practitioner only and as such is ONLY available to previous purchasers of my Hedge Witch Balm.

Ingredients: Atropa Belladonna, Amanita Muscaria,Wormwood (absinthium), Eur. Mandrake. Celery Seed, Beeswax, Rice Oil.

Price: AUD $24.95
within Australia : AUD $7.20
US/Canada/Asia : AUD $10.95
UK/Europe : AUD $12.95
Sample size Jars are also available (3.5gram white plastic jars) They are AUD $6.95 + Shipping ($0.70 within Australia or $3.00 International)

To Purchase: Email me at and I will issue you an invoice via paypal.
If you intend on purchasing any full sized (excludes samples) items from the store please do so and you will not be charged additional shipping.

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