Sanctus Divine Offering Spell Candles

Resins of gold,sanctus
Smoke of tobacco,
Root of Calamnus,
Accept my offering, hear my prayer.

These spell candles are hand-dipped, completely hand -made and Consecrated to purpose. They are then rolled in a golden mix of resins, herbs and roots. All precious and worthy as offerings to the divine.

These candles are not works of art, they are works of magic, they are raw with power, studded with will and bear the marks of the hands that made them.

This listing is for One Pair of candles (2 candles) only. other items included in the image are not for sale.

This pair of candles stand around 11cm high and have a burn time of approximately 30 minutes per candle. They are completely made from scratch, I make my own wicking from organic Hemp Cord, Source Organic beeswax from small Australian farmers and grow my own herbs or source ethically grown organic herbs for this blend.
Each candle is hand-dipped and then rolled in the magical herb blend, they are not artificially sealed, herbs are presed into the warm candle and some herbs may shift in shipping. Each part of the process is handled in a sacred manner with constant focus on the end purpose of the candles

These candles are not works of art, they are works of magic, they are raw with power, studded with will and bear the marks of the hands that made them.

~*Please read our Store policies carefully before purchasing.*~
These candles contain dried herb matter so they MUST NOT be left near curtains or left unattended as the herb matter may catch alight.

Caution: herbs in this balm have been used to traditionally induce trance they should not be used by those with heart, liver or kidney conditions, if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding, Do not drive or operate machinery after using. Some ingredients may cause photo-sensitivity, and may cause skin to sunburn more easily. I suggest that you do not use on sun exposed skin during daytime ritual.
Do not use if you are allergic to Morphine, or Opiates. Should be avoided by those on psychiatric medications or antidepressants. Do not touch eyes, mouth, nose or genitals with ointment. Wash hands after application. Do not ingest, keep away from children and animals. Results are not guaranteed and may vary. Do not mix with excess amounts of alcohol or other drugs.
By purchasing you agree not to misuse the product or hold Belladonna & Bones liable for the misuse of said items.
Results are not guaranteed and may vary.

Under Victorian law I must state this item is sold as a Curio only

Herbs that cross the veil: Birch

Birch is a tree often associated with rebirth and reincarnation. The silver skeletal form of Stand_of_birch_treesthe birch in winter is representative of ghosts in the forest. The birch moon is a time of renewal. The first leaves of the birch herald the coming spring.

Spell: Blessings for the departed.
Birch bark taken from dead limbs can be used to write blessings for your ancestors. These blessings can be thrown into the fire at samhain or yule to thank the ancestors for their protection and wisdom and to draw unto them the blessings for rebirth.

~*Belladonna & Bones*~
Image via wikipedia

Herbs That Cross The Veil: Herbal Offerings

Some herbs aren’t for the living but for the dead, Wreaths of Bay Laurel were is in winter-herb-bouquetfunerals, Parsley was strewn in the path of the funeral procession to give the dead luck in the afterlife. Rosemary was thrown into graves for remembrance, Pomegranate and periwinkle were used for immortality and rebirth and marjoram was used to allow the spirits to rest in peace.

A Herbal Offering

Take sprigs of Rosemary, marjoram, parsley and bay and make a posy tied with white ribbon and place it on your altar as an offering to the spirits. These posies can be taken to cemeteries as offerings for the departed or added to funerary floral arrangements for subtle wishes.

~*Belladonna & Bones*~
Image (c) Flaming Petal

Herbs That Cross The Veil: Thyme

Thyme has been used in protective blends for funerals and also to raise psychic awareness. thyme cupA sachet of thyme added to a bath can protect you from negativity if attending a funeral. Thyme has also been used in ritual cups before communing with the dead.

A Simple Recipe for Thyme Ritual Cup
1 teaspoon fresh thyme
1 teaspoon honey
1 cup boiling water

Allow herbs and honey to steep in boiled water for ten minutes then drink during ritual to contact the departed.

*do not use if you are allergic to lamiaceae herbs (rosemary, basil, oregano, celery)

~*Belladonna & Bones*~

Herbs That Cross The Veil: Acacia

The leaves and amber of the acacia can be burnt as 799px-Acacia_pycnantha_Golden_Wattleincense the leaves are often burned with frankincense and myrrh to open the mind to psychic visions and the amber is burned to cleanse sacred spaces. To communicate with spirit the leaves are used to sprinkle the altar with holy water and burned as an incense

Ancestor Communication Incence
Take 1/2 teaspoon of frankincense,
1/2 teaspoon of myrrh and
1/2 teaspoon of acacia leaves stripped from the branch.
Mix these in a small bowl with a drop of cinnamon essential oil then burn over charcoal during rites to communicate with the dead.

~*Belladonna & Bones*~
Image (c) Melburnian via Wikipedia

Herbs That Cross The Veil: Apple

Malus_domestica_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-108Wands made with the wood of apple are often used for communicating with spirits and accessing the underworld. Apples are strongly associated with Samhain and often used in Samhain rituals. The Celts believed that Apples and hazel nuts were the fruits of the otherworld and were eaten to attain knowledge.

At Samhain offerings of apples are buried along paths and roads and by the front door for the wandering dead. A candle can be placed in a hollowed out apple and placed by the window to guide the dead of the family home for the Samhain feast.
~*Belladonna & Bones*~
Image (c) Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen

Sigils: Here to Stay

Sigils: Here to Staycarved stones
Yesterday I talked about set & forget sigils, one’s that are destroyed or hidden to set their magic in the consciousness.

Other sigils can be created in a more permanent manner to create amulets of power.

As I mentioned previously you could take a dremel and carve your sigil into a rock to create an amulet that stays with you to constantly charge that amulet with intent and carry it’s magic with you through out the day.

~*Belladonna & Bones*~
Image (c) lilfishstudios

Sigils: Set & Forget

Sigils: Set and Forgetburn images
One train of thought on sigils is that they should be charged with energy then destroyed or hidden so they have an unhindered ability to effect change upon the universe.
You can do this a number of ways;

  • Burning
  • Throwing into moving water (fast moving is better)
  • Burying
  • Leaving the sigilised item at a crossroads

Check back in in later and I’ll talk about Sigils that are here to stay!
~*belladonna & bones*~

Burn Image(c) wingman103
Sigil (c) Belladonna & Bones

Sigils: Go Big or Go Home!

Rangoli KolamWhile I’m a big fan of the portability of Sigil magic I still believe that sigils can be creations of beauty and can and should be used as part of more elaborate rituals.

Sigils can be worked in large temporary structures in group workings or by the solitary practitioner. Perhaps you could take inspiration from the Rangoli mandalas created by Hindu women during the festival of Diwali.

I think it’s a beautiful way to give your intent to the wind by working in such a transient media as sand or rice powder.

Ooh that makes me thing sigils in the sand to be washed away by the ocean… So many possibilities…

Do the images of Rangoli inspire you to work a little large scale Sigil magic?

~*Belladonna & Bones*~

Image (c) Balaji.B

Sigils: Your Magical Alphabet

Your Magical Alphabet
Your Magical Alphabet

The Ceremonial Magician Frater U:. D:. Expands on the earlier work of Austin Osman Spare by suggesting that every magic practitioner should create their own Magical Alphabet of sorts.

For instance, my go-to symbol for a bit of protection on the run is an earth invoking pentacle. If I’m feeling a little at risk or I want to protect something or someone I trace out the Earth Pentacle with my finger on a surface or on some skin

U:.D:. suggests that as you create sigils for frequently used phrases or intentions that you record them for future use as a kind of shortcut to your sigil creation process.

Do you have any go-to symbols you could call part of your magical alphabet?

~*Belladonna & Bones*~

Image (c)