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I ramble in the woods and talk about liminal spaces, tell you to stop using memes to feed your savour syndrome and numb your conscience, talk too much about Gordon White and layering magic.

The store has reopened as well.


I will be away intermittently for the next month and a half so if you come by and the store is closed please  check back after the 27th Sept and before the 10th Oct.


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Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hello my friends!
Well the end of 2015 was incredible and the beginning of 2016 is just amazing.
There is magic in the air can you feel it?

I have videos, podcasts & new products to share with you all! Warning long image heavy post ahead!!

I’ll start with the new products.
The Magica Herbae Subscription box has been an amazing experience, the subscribers are an incredible group to work with, we have our own study group on facebook and it is amazing the work that people are doing. There are a limited number of openings for the next three box subscription. Please contact me at if you are interested.

There are a few new products in the store that our Magica Herbae Subscribers will already be familiar with.

The first is our new range of Single Note Ointments & Tinctures. I wanted to explore the traditional plants of Flight & Divination in depth and create balms that can be mixed on the skin, or used as bases to create new amazing experiences.

The Single Note Range gives you the opportunity to incorporate other plant or animal relics into your balms to forge connections and bonds with spirits. I’ll talk more about how to do this in coming weeks.

Currently available are Single Note Balms of Clary Sage, Wormwood,  & Belladonna (Kit only)

Also added to the store are Conpluria, An Artemisia blend, perfect for working with Fae spirits of the green. Our Wormwood Wand Balm, excellent for the consecration and binding of magical tools. Veris; A spring atunement balm for those soon to come out of winter. And Hedge Crossing; A special balm created without ingredients Etsy forbids. This balm is a nice entry point for those who are not used to working with balms of this type.

It has been an incredibly productive time in the garden and I’ve been tincturing everything.

I’ve also created a whole plant infused divination balm called Sussuri: Silent Whispers. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen it’s creation in my lovely copper cauldron.

Whole plant infused oil brewing slowly in the cauldron. #witchcraft #wortcunning #witchesofinstagram #flyingointment

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I am often asked about protection when journeying on the astral. Of course you know that my Contego Balm is wholly unsuitable to mix with Flying ointments, so i wanted to create something that could be used in tandem. From much communion with my garden came Velatus: A cloaking balm for Astral Protection.

One of the things I loved seeing was as this balm matured the marshmallow seemed to disappear.


  There is also a new section in the store for magical tools! I have created some Banishing Whisks and there will be other tools including wands and Hood lamps over the coming months. Int he Magical Candles section there are hand dipped black beeswax spell candles. Because some spells require something truly special.

Now – Videos!

If you’ve ever wondered what my garden looks like well here’s a tour. Actually there are a few tours – you can really see how the garden has evolved. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel to see when I post new things.

Podcasts & Free Guided Meditations.

I’ve been doing a little podcasting again at So if you want to listen to me ramble please go there!

And I’ve also uploaded two free guided meditations to the website for you to download and listen too!

So much more to come in the following weeks! So stay tuned my lovelies!

Pear Wand

Pear Wand

Tonight I wrapped my wand with vintage silk from the collection of my Husband’s Nonna who was a seamstress in her younger years. I made a loop knotted thirteen times to hold amulets and talisman’s. The wand itself is pear from a local grove that is over 100 years old, it is long and elegant and it sings songs that ring crystalline in the darkness. The first charm it holds is from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury; A place that is a balm to heart and soul. If you ever have the chance to visit, do not pass it by. There amid the flowers and gardens I heard the whispers of the fae and cried for those that were lost.

Herbs That Cross The Veil: Herbal Offerings

Some herbs aren’t for the living but for the dead, Wreaths of Bay Laurel were is in winter-herb-bouquetfunerals, Parsley was strewn in the path of the funeral procession to give the dead luck in the afterlife. Rosemary was thrown into graves for remembrance, Pomegranate and periwinkle were used for immortality and rebirth and marjoram was used to allow the spirits to rest in peace.

A Herbal Offering

Take sprigs of Rosemary, marjoram, parsley and bay and make a posy tied with white ribbon and place it on your altar as an offering to the spirits. These posies can be taken to cemeteries as offerings for the departed or added to funerary floral arrangements for subtle wishes.

~*Belladonna & Bones*~
Image (c) Flaming Petal

Memories are films about ghosts…

Fly agaricToday the Counting crows and I ventured out into the forest in search of some magical fungi. I was on the hunt for ingredients for something special to cook up at Samhain. I wove my way though the hills and back-roads, stopping at springs and falls. Following wombat trails and paths overgrown with Raspberry and Hawthorn until I found my prize.

I washed my cares away in the cool, crisp spring water and thanked the spirits for the quiet day that let me have this special place all to myself. I spoke to the birds and listened to their song then collected Willow and Oak for charms and amulets.

Offerings were left for the spirits of place, bark and mushroom and once I was done I feasted on meat and cheese and herbal tea.

The days ahead are filled with tasks, offerings and ritual. A solar-eclipse, two days before Samhain? Watch for spirits to cross early, I think I hear them knocking already.

Sigils: Here to Stay

Sigils: Here to Staycarved stones
Yesterday I talked about set & forget sigils, one’s that are destroyed or hidden to set their magic in the consciousness.

Other sigils can be created in a more permanent manner to create amulets of power.

As I mentioned previously you could take a dremel and carve your sigil into a rock to create an amulet that stays with you to constantly charge that amulet with intent and carry it’s magic with you through out the day.

~*Belladonna & Bones*~
Image (c) lilfishstudios