Herbs That Cross The Veil: Herbal Offerings

Some herbs aren’t for the living but for the dead, Wreaths of Bay Laurel were is in winter-herb-bouquetfunerals, Parsley was strewn in the path of the funeral procession to give the dead luck in the afterlife. Rosemary was thrown into graves for remembrance, Pomegranate and periwinkle were used for immortality and rebirth and marjoram was used to allow the spirits to rest in peace.

A Herbal Offering

Take sprigs of Rosemary, marjoram, parsley and bay and make a posy tied with white ribbon and place it on your altar as an offering to the spirits. These posies can be taken to cemeteries as offerings for the departed or added to funerary floral arrangements for subtle wishes.

~*Belladonna & Bones*~
Image (c) Flaming Petal