Greetings fellow magic makers,

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

I’ve been off having new adventures, learning new things, talking to some wonderful, wonderful, customers and making some amazing magic.

Here’s a custom incense blend I mixed up for a customer, I’ll be offering intuitively created custom blended balms and incenses in the store very soon. I greatly enjoyed tuning in with the customer and creating this blend.


Now you all know I never met a book I didn’t like, or at least invite into my house for a glass of absinthe and a snuggle in my bed. It’s so easy to get lost between the pages, there’s always another book to read, always more to know. Especially now with the world wide web of shiny things to distract us bower birds.

It’s so easy to be distracted that we often neglect doing magic altogether and become armchair scholars. (This is not to detract from the scholars among us, they perform a great service to the community.) I’d like to assume though, that if you are the type of Witch or Wizard who has made their way to my corner of the internet then you consider yourself a magic user, a magic maker, a master of the arte, or at least on your way there. Ask yourself, when did you last do some magic?

I want you to go do some magic. Do it now.

Close your eyes and let the first symbol that slips from your consciousness light up the darkness behind your eyes. It may mean something to you or nothing at all, it’s a symbol of your personal power, just let it strengthen and glow.

Start it spinning, it doesn’t matter which way, just get it moving. Let it become a blur of light. Then draw it into yourself, let it light a fire in your soul that you can direct into any path you so choose. Take a few deep breaths and draw your consciousness back into the now. Then open your eyes.

What you do now is up to you, you may want to make a note of the symbol in your magical journal, you might turn it into your phone background so you can charge it each time you glance at your screen, you may even want to take a pen and draw it onto your skin.

There you’ve done some magic, doesn’t it make you want to do more?