Sigils: Go Big or Go Home!

Sigils: Go Big or Go Home!

Rangoli KolamWhile I’m a big fan of the portability of Sigil magic I still believe that sigils can be creations of beauty and can and should be used as part of more elaborate rituals.

Sigils can be worked in large temporary structures in group workings or by the solitary practitioner. Perhaps you could take inspiration from the Rangoli mandalas created by Hindu women during the festival of Diwali.

I think it’s a beautiful way to give your intent to the wind by working in such a transient media as sand or rice powder.

Ooh that makes me thing sigils in the sand to be washed away by the ocean… So many possibilities…

Do the images of Rangoli inspire you to work a little large scale Sigil magic?

~*Belladonna & Bones*~

Image (c) Balaji.B