It’s been so long since we last caught up. I’m working on making my newsletters monthly from now on, of course today I’m full of full moon energy and being productive as all get out so I’ll have to work hard to keep it up.

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The garden is still green and lush, we’ve had an unseasonably warm start to winter which in my sheltered grove means a very late reaction by the fig trees and tropicals. Hopefully it gets cold enough for the peach tree, not that our variety requires a lot of cold temps.

One plant that has loved the winter has been the Gotu Kola. It’s little umbrellas have taken over the garden. I pulled a half a square metre of the runners from the garden last weekend to give the patchouli and vervain some breathing space.  A little transplanting of self heal and yarrow happened as well in an effort to get a larger harvest this year.

The Winter roots harvest was amazing, Burdock, Elecampane and my first Orris root harvest as well! Now to dry it slowly to develop that amazing scent. I divided the Orris root pups and replanted them along the back of the centre garden. Now we wait another two years to harvest again!

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I hope your magical garden is blooming wherever you are!